Home is a place we feel safe and protected in.

Over the last four decades, political action has been unable to reach an effective global treaty to stop the detrimental changes in Earth’s climate caused by the fossil-fuel industry.

This path puts our home planet at risk of turning into a hostile environment, seeing our ecosystems and societies disrupted, and it ultimately threatens to unleash mass-migration waves of unseen magnitudes.

BACK H0ME! reviews some moments of the recent history of climate change from the comfortable position most (Western) people might have watched it happen.

Its goal is to motivate the spectator to join action for real change and stop wasting the precious little time we still have to veer off this course and head back home.

BACK H0ME! - The Rise (And Fall?) of The Capitalocene

English, 91 min, 2023

Aleksi Kuesy

Trigger warning:
This audiovisual installation portrays natural disasters.

+++Coming presentations+++

12.01.2024 - 19:00 - Cinémathèque Leipzig, 04275 Leipzig

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